Monday, 31 December 2012

Maternity Shoots: Do or Don't?

As my bump gets bigger, I've been considering a maternity shoot. It's one of those things that seems super-vain on one hand, and a lovely record of my pregnancy on the other. Like any pregnant woman, I'm fascinated at how my body is changing, and the satisfying roundness of my tummy. It's both weird and wonderful at the same time. Maternity shoots seem to be a big thing in the USA, but it's a trend fast crossing the Atlantic. What do you think about them? Take a look at my Pinterest Maternity Shoot Inspiration board for more ideas.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Loving Oeuf's Baby & Children's Clothes

LOVE! They're not cheap, but I've fallen head-over-heels for the whole Oeuf NYC range. Packed with cosy jumpsuits sporting humorous motifs, they tread the so-do-delicate line between cool and cute with typical NYC aplomb. With an animal theme running throughout the collection, it's hard to choose whether you want your little one to be a bunny or a bear....or just a little monster. Buy direct from the Oeuf NYC website, or from Smallable here in the UK.

1. Baby Flash Light Jumpsuit 2. Baby Glasses Jumpsuit, £58

1. Baby Rabbit Hat 2. Baby Monsters Mittens, £30

1. I Heart Jumper 2. Baby Monster Jumpsuit, £58

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Monday, 3 December 2012

Maternity & Post-Baby Loungewear

After giving birth, I have a feeling I may feel like getting dressed every day, so I'll be needing some relaxed, but stylish loungewear. So I was thrilled to discover online boutique Oysho, and its gorgeous, but affordable range of pj's and hoodies. They've also got a pretty range of sexier underwear that I'll be raiding once I'm out of the maternity bras!

1. Animal Patch Fleece Sweatshirt, £39.99

1. Animal Patch Top, £25.99, 2. Jacquard Leggings, £22.99

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