Friday, 29 March 2013

Easy-Peasy Alphabet Plates Nursery Decoration

For a super-easy DIY decor idea for your little one's nursery, how about these fun alphabet plates from Papermash? They're paper, so they'd be simply to apply to the wall with blue tack or double-sided sticky tape, and for £10, you get one of each letter of the alphabet. I'm now trying to figure out what words I can spell out with one set of 26!! If you're looking to use them at a children's party instead, why not team them with these paper cups?

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

DIY Baby Shower Invitations & Thank You Cards

After the success of my Carnival-Themed Baby Shower, and the massive generosity of all my kind friends, I wanted to make sure I sent out thoughtful Thank You letters. I'd enjoyed DIY-ing the invitations so much, that I decided to do the same for my cards. However I didn't want them to look too homespun and homemade. So I kept things simple, and glued two little blue feet to the front of the card, handwriting the letter inside. I couldn't resist then packaging them up in some purple spot paper bags I had in my craft store, although strictly I would have chosen an all-blue theme, if I'd thought ahead. A small piece of yellow washi tape, and a label on the front, and they were ready to go! If you'd like to DIY your own, here are my instructions - OR you can buy them from my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Soft Snowy Baby Portraits by Kate Gray Photography

Take one adorable little person, a snowy day, and a cute owl hat, and you've got an enchanting winter photo shoot. Kate Gray of Kate Gray Photography took these stunning pictures of her 16 month old daughter, Emmie, in a thicket near their home. It's a regular location for their impromptu shoots, but this time Emmie had to be bribed with chocolate buttons to keep her in the wooden pot! Emmie's hat is from George at Asda, her cardigan is handmade, her leggings are Next and her boots by Ugg. Be sure to check out Kate's Facebook page, and Like to get news of her monthly offers.

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Creative Activity Packs for Children

With all the rainy {not to say snowy!} days we've been experiencing lately, my mind has turned to keeping children occupied indoors. My nephew is four, and while he'd MUCH prefer be out and about, playing with sticks and balls, he's also keen on getting creative and sticky with glue. Thanks to my wedding blog, Before the Big Day, I've recently discovered these fantastic children's activity packs by Yoyo Me. It's a boutique business started by two mothers, Aimee and Louise, and they've come up with a lovely selection of giant doodle-pads, activity bags, reward charts and stickers, plus personalised sets for special occasions and parties. They're guaranteed to get your children's creative juices flowing!

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Six Best Maternity & Nursing Pillows

Until you get pregnant, you don't really appreciate the wonders of the pillow. Right now I'm eight months pregnant, and I can just about get comfortable with three pillows, and they have to be exactly the right shape, size and puffiness. I've bought one maternity pillow, and borrowed another from a friend, and they have their own distinct personalities and uses. I'd hugely recommend the DreamGenii, there's something very comforting about them, and although they're expensive new, you can buy second-hand ones on eBay for about £25. I also bought this cheap and cheerful V-shaped pillow from Debenhams for £25, which they delivered the next day, despite it being huge! Which maternity pillow would you recommend?

{Best Maternity & Nursing Pillows} 1. DreamGenii Maternity Support Pillow from Amazon, £40 | 2. Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow (Big V) from John Lewis, £45  3. The Cozy Cuddler Side Sleeper from The Pregnancy Pillow Shop, £38.90 | Bottom 1. Theraline Dodo Pillow | 2. The Mum E Pregnancy Pillow from The Pregnancy Pillow Shop, £ | 3. Baroo Nursing Pillow by Tippitoes, £19.99

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Patriotic London Themed Baby Clothes & Accessories

Living in London, I'm a huge fan of the city, and as my little boy is due to be born in Hackney, he'll be a Londoner born and bred! Tonnes of traditional images are associated with the city, so it's a fun theme for your nursery, or for a few cute accessories. Whether it's iconic London buses and taxis on baby muslins and bibs, or the Queen's Guard and Big Ben on onesies and hats, London always looks great.

{London Baby Product Credits} Top 1. Bus Gift Set by Pixie and Dixie, £45 | 2. I Love London Lunchbox by Museum of London, £5 | 3. Piccalilly London Taxi Reversible Baby Bib by Babipur, £5.99 | Bottom 1. Piccalilly London Theme Muslin Swaddle by Babipur, £11.99 | 2. London Bus Toy by JoJo Maman Bebe, £40 | 3. Baby Muslin with London Buses by Pixie and Dixie, £11.99

{London Baby Product Credits} 1. I Love London Sleepsuit, Hat & Bib Set by Posh Totties Designs Interiors, £45 |  2. London Print Baby Sleepsuit by JoJo Maman Bebe, £14

{London Baby Product Credits} 1. Royal Guard Hat by So Tiny London, £16 | 2. Royal Guard Duck by So Tiny London, £9 | 3. Piccalilly London Bus Playsuit by Babipur, £19.99 | Bottom 1. Union Jack Baby Boots by So Tiny London, £21 | 2. Royal Guard Bib by So Tiny London, £10 | 3. London Bus Romper Suit by Scamp Baby Gifts, £20

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My Five Favourite Nursery Illustrators

My nursery is nearly ready, but the bare white walls are still tormenting me! I've got to choose some illustrations for the walls soon - here are five of my current favourites from fabulous UK illustrators. I've definitely seem to be going for a theme involving animals and the alphabet!

{Nursery Illustrator} This Paper Book

{Nursery Illustrator}  1. Lucy Loves This, 2. Holly Francesca

{Nursery Illustrator} Amy is an Illustration

{Nursery Illustrator} The Happy Pencil

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Easter Bunny Toys For Your Baby

Yet more Easter inspiration for you this snowy March morning. I've fallen in love with the gorgeous soft, Jellycat Bunnies, but I realise they're pretty ubiquitous, so for those of you looking for a more original bunny, here's a selection of my favourites from UK home crafters. If you haven't discovered Etsy, do take a look, it's the best resource ever for original children's toys and baby accessories.

{Product Credits} Top 1. Walking on Clouds, 2. Sara Carr 3. Fart for Craft, Middle 1. Hug Me Slugs & Friends, 2. Molly Moo Jessica Too, 3 The Fox in the Attic, Bottom 1. Sara Carr, 2 & 3. The Fox in the Attic

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Monday, 4 March 2013

Easter Bunny Baby Inspiration

What are you doing for Easter? I'll be sitting around fatly, waiting for my baby to come out, as I'm due on Easter Sunday! But next year, I'll be getting excited about Easter egg hunts, and decorating the house with lovely spring flowers like pastel tulips and daffodils. And I'll be sure to be buying something cute for my baby boy to wear, to celebrate the season. Tak a look at these adorable baby hats for starters! I'm not that big on posed baby shoots with stylised fancy dress, but there's nothing cuter than a baby in a rabbit hat, particularly one with giant ears. I've also found some cute chick hats, if you're more of a chicken person {is anyone more of a 'chicken' person?!}.

{Product Credit} Easter Bunny Hat by Little Bird Lucy

{Product Credit} 1. Bunny Bonnet by Sweet Bauer Knits, 2. Easter Bunny Hat by Little Bird Lucy

{Product Credit} Crochet Easter Baby Hat by Locust Tree

{Product Credit} Easter Bunny Hat, Nappy Cover & Knitted Carrot by Little Bird Lucy

{Product Credit} Cream & Pink Bunny Bonnet by Sweet Bauer Knits

{Product Credit} Yellow Chick Hat by Small Bean's Boutique

{Product Credit} Blue Chick Hat by Red Windmill Designs

{Product Credit} Cute Chicken Hat by Knit Baby Couture

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