Friday, 26 July 2013

Favourite Toys - Ivo at 14 Weeks

This week Ivo seems much more aware of his toys; he's gripping them, waving them around, and stuffing them in his mouth. All these toys come highly recommended, and well-tested! His current favourites are {clockwise from top left}....

1. Lamaze Play and Grow Dee Dee The Dragon, £7.63 - He loes the crinkly wings and likes to swat it.

2. Nuby Ice Bite Teether Keys, £4.09 - He's not quite got the hang of gumming the icy bits {he prefers my knuckles or his fist}, but he likes to hold the large ring and wave it about so it clatters.

3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym - A huge favourite, we couldn't do without this toy! He lies underneath it and stares at the lights and the toys, kicking his legs furiously and swatting all the dangling toys. He's also just started to roll over, so he likes to stare at the rainforest scene.

4. Blossom Farm Wooly Lamb Chime, £5 - He loves the sound this makes, and bashes it constantly. It has a lovely nubbly texture, but I don't think he's discovered that yet.

5. Frog Nuby Teething Blankie, £3.94 - This was a present and introduced me to Nuby toys - don't miss their adorable Monster range. He loves the green crinkly bit, and always looks stunned when we squeak the frog.

6. Pebble Carrot Rattle, £6.55 - If I encourage him to hold this, he loves to wave it around and smile at the rattling sound.

7. Lamaze Mix and Match Activity Blocks, £8.86 - He likes to bash these and stare at the different sides. Again, any crinkly-sounding side is a favourite.

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