Thursday, 12 September 2013

Baby's Favourite Toys - Ivo at 19 weeks

Right now, for Ivo it's all about the gumming. He's not exactly teething, although there's plenty of saliva - I think it's more that he likes to feel the texture of things in his mouth. Toys that previously just got swatted, are now getting the full wet-effect. He's also spotted our iPhones, and loves nothing more than to be allowed to lick them, and attempt a side-gum. And everyday items like paper are suddenly attractive - anything that makes a noise when scrumpled. Labels are also getting much more attention - I never really understood why all the Lamaze toys had little ribbons sewn onto them, but now I get it! Here's his two favourites from this week.

1. Lamaze Freddie The Firefly - You'd think we had enough Lamaze toys, but Daddy bought him this one, and he loves the crinkly wings. Add in the rings and the ladybird teether, and we're talking the perfect toy for the mega-gum.

2. Marks & Spencer's Linking Rings Toy - We actually bought these rings second hand from a Fara charity shop for £1.50, but you can get them from good old M&S. They're our best buy ever - they're the perfect shape for grasping chubby hands, they rattle in a very satisfying manner, and they're very gummable.

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