Thursday, 5 September 2013

Baby's Favourite Toys - Ivo at 16 weeks

This week Ivo's started to properly grip his toys, and he loves waving rattles around. He needs to work on his spacial awareness though, because he keeps hitting himself in the face! He's also started to enjoy different textures, in particular the feel of his giant Jellycat Bashfuls Bunny. He'll smother his face into his ears, and gum until the fur is soggy. All these toys come highly recommended, and well-tested! His current favourites are {clockwise from top left}...

1. Taf Toys I Love Big Mat - Now that he's much more happy on his tummy, we've upgraded to an extra-large play-mat. This one has plenty of integral toys {squeakers and mirrors}, and it goes in the washing machine - a key feature considering the amount of dribbling it absorbs.

2. Fisher-Price Musical Activity Keys - These keys were a present from his great-grandparents, and they're a bit too hard for him to shake around. But the blue key is musical, and plays The Wheels on the Bus {one of his favourite songs}, so he has fallen in love with it. I don't think he's figured out how to press it deliberately, but he loves to gum it, and accidentally make the music come on.

3. Lamaze My First Fish Bowl - I think perhaps I love this toy more than him! He likes the yellow fish, because it contains a bell, but it's still a little small for his hands

4. Tomy Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs - He's not quite old enough for these, but he enjoys bashing them with his hands to make them squeak.

5. 100lb Rattle - I picked this up in H&M on a whim, and he loves it! I also looks particularly cute 'weight-lifting'.

6. Jellycat Bashfuls Bunny - Huggable, gummable and often slightly damp. This bunny distracts him on his changing table, and importantly, is large enough to stop him rolling!

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