Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Cute Animal Baby Bodysuits

Every now and then I'll stumble across a baby product that I just have to have! This Christmas pug bodysuit by Square Paisley Design falls firmly into that category. But then I checked out their website, and discovered tonnes of other gorgeous designs, including this sausage dog reindeer bodysuit. And now I'm stuck, because I want all of them. Which would you choose?

{I want this} Christmas Pug Onesie / Bodysuit, £9.51

{I want this} 1. Llama Onesie / Bodysuit, £9.51 2. Pug Onesie / Bodysuit, £9.51

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Three of the Best Toy Balls for Your Baby

A few weeks ago we realised that Ivo didn't own a single toy ball! Considering my husband has high hopes that Ivo's going to be a very well paid sportsman of some sort, this was a serious aberration in the world of toy purchases. My husband decided this was the kind of task he could really get his teeth into, and thanks to the wonders of Amazon Prime {I love Amazon!}, three balls arrived in the post the next day. They've all been a huge success for different reasons, and I'd recommend all three for a six month old. P.S. If you've ever wanted to buy a toy, and wondered which are the best, go to the Amazon website, and change the 'Sort By' drop down menu to 'Popularity'. You'll be amazed how many people get really passionate in their toy reviews!

{I want this} Clockwise from Top Left

1. Maisy Mouse Soft Ball, £6.79 - This ball is smaller than the others, and made out of a wipeable plastic. For some reason Ivo gets very excited whenever he sees it, and waves it madly before gumming it with real passion. I haven't worked out why he loves it so much - maybe the texture? A winner either way!

VTech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball, £8.70 - This brilliant ball magically rolls on its own, so it encourages your baby to chase after it. Ivo's not crawling yet, but he's very good at dragging himself along on his tummy. There's lots of buttons to press, and each one creates a different noise, and although Ivo hasn't figured out what's what, he accidentally presses the buttons all the time, and loves the noises and bright lights. It does sing ALOT, and after a while the tune will be engraved on your brain, but I reckon that's just the deal with being a parent.

3. Blossom Farm Chime Ball, £5.80 - This ball is a super-soft and would be suitable for babies much younger than Ivo's six months. It contains a soft-sounding bell, that chimes gently, and Ivo loves shaking it like a rattle. This is the ball we've used for practicing catch - you can throw the ball at your baby, and even if you miss slightly and it bounces off their nose, it doesn't hurt! It's squishy enough for little chubby hands to hold easily, and there's a nice long label that Ivo likes to gum.

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Monday, 25 November 2013

What You Need in Your Baby Changing Bag

As I was writing my last blogpost about my amazing PacaPod Mirano, I realised it might be helpful for new mums to have a list of all the stuff you'll need in your baby changing bag. I was all about being organised before my baby arrived, so my baby bag was packed and ready to go at least a month before my due date {Ivo was late, but babies can be early!}. I did a massive Boots shop online, and had three boxes of baby supplies delivered {see my Essential Baby List}. It seemed a bit silly at the time, but honestly, once your baby arrives, your brain literally stops working, and the simplest of tasks can seem overwhelming. The more you can do in preparation beforehand, the better.'s my conservative list of what you should pack in your PacaPod {other baby changing bags are available!}.....

 2 nappies for every hour you're out the house, plus one for luck {start using Pampers & then move to supermarket nappies once you've got the hang of things}
 a full-ish pack of baby wipes {you'll be amazing how many you need}
 nappy bin bags
 foldable changing mat
 pot of Sudocrem {an oldie but goodie}
 hand sanitiser
 full change of clothes
 at least three muslins and bibs
 extra large muslin for general use - my favourites are aden & anais swaddles
 two spare sterilised bottles
 two spare punnets of milk / food if they're weaning
 your wallet, phone, Oyster card {for Londoners} & keys
 iPhone charger {my phone is never charged}
 don't worry about make-up, etc - you won't have time to put that on for many months!

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Why You Need A Baby Changing Bag!

Before my baby, I never really saw the need for changing bags. Wouldn't a normal handbag do the job? Well that changed pretty sharpish after Ivo's birth, when I discovered the sheer quantity of STUFF you have to carry with you, before you go anywhere with a baby. And the challenge of trying to keep it organised. You can guarantee you'll lose the baby wipes in the depths of your bag just as your baby decides to wee all over you mid-change {little boys will do that nearly every change at first}. Add in baby brain, and unless you've got a specific place in your bag for everything, you won't remember where you've put it. I've lost count of the number of times I've 'lost' my iPhone, only to discover it in my back-pocket. Well that was before discovered the sheer amazingness that is the PacaPod. These fantastic bags have two secret weapons - the unique feeder, and changing pods. I have the blue PacaPod Mirano, and I couldn't live without it. Everything has its place, there's even a key tag, a bottle sleeve, a little bag for dirty clothes, and a changing mat. Every bag comes special straps to help you hang it off your pram, and the pods come out and velcro around your pram handle, if you only want to take one pod with you, rather than the whole bag. They've literally thought of everything!

{I want this!} PacaPod Mirano, £99

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Best New Baby Present - aden & anais Swaddles

Baby showers may be a new phenomenon for the UK, but they've become a must-do amongst my best friends, and I've known girls to compete to throw the best event. I'm a huge fan - they're a fantastic way to catch up with all your girlfriends before you disappear into the baby bubble for a few months, plus you get presents and cake - sooooooo much better than hen nights! But baby shower gifting can get quite competitive, as the expectant mother usually opens her presents in front of everyone, to much oohs and aahs. Luckily I've discovered the perfect buy - aden and anais Swaddles. Not only are they incredibly useful, they've got the royal seal of approval, after Prince George was spotted leaving hospital wrapped in his little bird swaddle. I use mine for everything - as a cosy cover-up {they fold down to a tiny portable roll}, mopping up dribble, and to shield Ivo from the sun on a recent holiday. The patterns are all adorable, and they have a real luxury feel, partly because they're so huge! My favourite is the Night Sky four-pack, but if your budget's a bit tighter, they come in pairs, and pretty singles as well.

{I want this!} 1. & 2. aden & anais Night Sky four-pack, £35.11 | 3. aden and anais Night Sky Musy Muslin Squares, £18.67 | 4. aden & anais Night Sky Snap bibs, £19.95

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Introducing Alice Cowen Personal Training for Your Post-Baby Body

If you're a new mum looking to tone up and lose your baby weight, I'm delighted to recommend my great friend Alice Cowen. Alice is back from three busy years in Mallorca, and now available for personal training in the UK. Alice is a secret weapon for her celebrity clients, as she's known to whip people into shape in just a couple of months. So if you're looking for a last-minute blast ahead of the Christmas parties, or a more gradual long-term figure-change for the summer, then do take a look at her website. Alice is mum to one-year old Indigo, so she understands the need to fit health and fitness around a busy mother's schedule, and just how to get that tummy flat again! She's based in Somerset, but comes up to London three days a week, and she's also available for Skype training.....and if you think you can get away with cheating on the squats via Skype, think again! This girl is strict! Read more about Alice on her Bootique blog.

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Cutest Crocheted Baby Mobile in the World

If you're a regular reader, you've probably got bored of me banging on about Etsy, but I can't tell you how amazing it is for original baby products. All these new eastern European sellers have recently joined, and their creativity is amazing! Latest on my love-list are these crocheted mobiles from CherryTime in Slovenia. Aren't they perfect for a shabby chic wedding? Mojca hand-makes them, so she's open to bespoke orders, and there's plenty more in her Etsy shop - these are just my favourites. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Lovely Buys for a Star Themed Nursery

Even though I didn't go the whole hog, and decorate Ivo's nursery entirely with a star theme, I still managed to collect lots of gorgeous star items - mostly presents from my friends. Stars are a great theme if you don't know the gender of your little one, so if you're still considering how to decorate your baby's room, take a look at these pretty products. I also own these star swaddles by Aden & Anais, this rabbit by Petit Bateau {a lovely gift from my friend Georgie}, and these star bibs by Mothercare {another baby shower present!}.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Great Wallpaper Ideas for Your Baby's Nursery

Before my baby was born, I decided I wanted a star theme for my nursery. Of course life caught up with me, and instead of spending hours decorating, I worked right up to my due date. It's only now, 6 months down the line, that I'm considering how to brighten up his room. He's much more aware now, and looking around, so I'm keen to add plenty of details to keep him occupied. If we weren't planning to move, I'd add some fabulous wallpaper, like these gorgeous designs by Ana-Moly. Instead, I've got to go for something a big more temporary - so I'm researching lots of wall stickers, or decals. I'll keep you posted on what I choose - all suggestions welcome!

{I want this!} Donkey wallpaper, 10 metre roll, £78

{I want this!} Fish wallpaper, 10 metre roll, £78

{I want this!} Robin wallpaper, 10 metre roll, £78

{I want this!} Geese wallpaper, 10 metre roll, £78

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Friday, 1 November 2013

Sausage Dog Baby Bloomers

I'm a huge fan of sausage dogs - I love how they go on......and.....on! So a combination of baby bloomers {cute!}, and a plaid sausage dog {cuter!}, makes me very happy. Fern & Faun makes beautiful baby and children's clothes, and I love every item. These bloomers, or diaper covers, as they call them in the USA are reversible, and every detail is handmade. For more gorgeous clothing take a look at these adorable trousers, and this cute dress for starters.

{I want this!} Puppy Bloomers, £14

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