Thursday, 24 July 2014

Eight Favourite Mobile Phone Covers

I don't know about you, but Ivo's favourite toy in the whole world is definitely my iPhone. I've tried to hide my own phone addiction from him, but it's clearly rubbed off, and now whenever he spots it, he's desperate to get a handle on it. He must see it as this magical music box, as we frequently play nursery rhymes {via the Spotify App} on it, and a couple of times Peppa Pig on YouTube might have made an appearance.... Often his desire is so strong, it's easier just to hand it over, although the risk of damage is huge. If it wasn't for the case, it would have been destroyed a long time ago, which got me thinking of recommending a selection of mobile phone covers on the blog. I'm due a new one - here are a few on my shortlist.

{I want this!} Clockwise from top left 1. Beach Cover, £22 | 2. Aztec style, £22 | 3. Wolf Case, £21 | 4. Watermelon Case, £9 | 5. Linen Striped, £16.22 | 6. Design Your Own from Tesco Photo, £9.50 | 7. Gradient Style, £8 | 8. Star Print, £10

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Just a Brilliant Bath Toy

Ever since Ivo could stand, bath-time has become something of a challenge! He's always trying to escape - either to dig out the plug, hang off the tap, or clamber out the bath. Even though he's now 15 months, we still wash him in his baby bath because the alternative of constantly bending over is too exhausting. At least the baby bath contains him! Plus I've been pregnant for the last nine months - so perhaps once the bump is gone, I'll feel a bit more able. Anyway! Thanks to a present from a fab friend, we have found the standing solution. These brilliant foam letters completely absorb him, and are hugely educational as well. We sing the ABC song, spell out his him {me, not him}, and stick letters to the side of the bath. He loves them, and I'm hoping that through the process of osmosis, it'll move his literacy on leaps and bounds!

{I want this!} Bathtime Buddies Wet 'n' Stick Alphabet Set, £6.85

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Mummy Treat #3 - Almondella

Brown paper packages tied up with string. Definitely one of my favourite things, although I'll widen it out to any parcel that arrives in the post. I now order everything online, and it makes the most mundane of items feel like a present. Nappies bought in bulk from Amazon, sippy cups for Ivo, or books on toddler tantrums - suddenly everything is an exciting arrival. But nothing gets me more enthusiastic than an unexpected box in the post, and that's exactly how I felt when my surprise gift from Almondella arrived. This fab company sends you a box of hand-picked products for you and your baby or toddler once a month, and I couldn't have been more impressed by the gorgeous items in mine. They were all top quality, and exactly the type of thing I'd bought myself. Each month the boxes are styled around a theme, and for June it was Shapes. So there was a wooden puzzle toy for Ivo, a beautifully illustrated board book on colours, a cute striped t-shirt from x, and a lovely tea towel for me. Almondella sources many of their products from small boutique labels in Scandinavia, and a monthly subscription costs €45. The great thing is that you get sent a preview of your box each month, and if you want to opt out, you can! Try out a tester box for only €15, or send it as a gift to a new mother.

Ivo 'helping' with my photographs of the lovely Almondella products! Excuse the slightly blurry pictures - I was holding him back with one hand!

{I want this!} 
Tea-Towel by Kauniste, €17
Teddy T-shirt by Iglo & Indi, normally €32, on sale for €19
Geo Pingy Shape Sorter Set, €20
My First Book of Colours, from The Design Museum Shop, £4.99

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