Thursday, 30 October 2014

Introducing Arthur

After three months, I'm finally back blogging again, and I thought it only fair I introduce the reason behind my sabbatical.

Lovely Arthur was born on 26th July by emergency C-section, after I once again refused to go into labour, despite being 2 weeks late. This time I resisted being induced for as long as possible, but once we got to 13 days over, there was no hiding from the chemicals. Luckily the C-section was a complete success, and although Arthur had to spend a few days in hospital with jaundice, I managed to keep the breast-feeding going, and we were soon safely home. Then, six weeks later we moved to Dubai....but more on that later. Here's a few pictures from the first few weeks of Arthur's life. For more - follow me on Instagram.

P.S. The gorgeous portrait at the top of this page was taken by the incredibly lovely ChloĆ© Browne from Caught the Light. She used film, which gives the pictures a luminosity that you don't get from digital. Do get in touch with her if you're looking for baby pictures or family portraits - she's brilliant!

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