Friday, 27 February 2015

Teething Advice Needed!

Little Arthur is now six months, and teething fast! No sooner had one little gnasher broken through the gums, and there's another one hot on its heels. He's gumming hard on anything he can find, including my arm, his own hand {leaving little marks - ouch!}, and various teething toys. But the nights have been a nightmare. He can't self-settle any more, and he fights me every time I try to give him Calpol. Do any of you have any advice to help ease the pain? I'm not sure how many more nights  of pacing backwards and forwards I can take! Here are Arthur's favourite teething toys so far.

{I want this!} 1. Nuby Ice Biter Keys, £3.27 | 2. Munchkin Squirtin Sea Buddies, £6.99 {also great for the bath!} | 3. Sophie The Giraffe, £13.99, | 4. Woodie Wiggle Worm, £3.99

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