Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Dozen Non-Chocolate Presents for an Easter on a Budget

Easter is fast approaching - how did that happen? Living in Dubai makes you lose track of the seasons - I miss the daffodils of spring. How do you celebrate Easter? Guzzling chocolate, hot cross buns and roast lamb? We do something slightly different....

It's all down to the fact I don't really have a sweet tooth, and I'm not that keen on Ivo and Arthur eating tonnes of sugar. Not necessarily because it's unhealthy, but because they're less likely to sleep with a sugar rush! So instead, we do Easter presents, and it's a lovely opportunity to add some serious cuteness to your household. Take a look at my dozen favourites for a fab Easter on a budget...all bar one are under £20!

{I want this!}
Above: Personalised Easter Egg Bags, £7
Top Row 1. Personalised Easter Bunny Baby Shoes, £20 | 2. Personalised Bunny Toy, £22 | 3. Easter Bunny Dress Up Kit, £9
Middle Row 1. Colour-in Extra Large Easter Tablecloth, £7 | 2. Easter Bunny Necklace, £18 | 3. Grow it Yourself Easter Egg Garden Kit, £8.45 | 4. Make Your Own Easter Animal Craft Kit, £18
Button Row 1. Make Your Own Dress Up Ears Kit, £8.50 | 2. Personalised Easter Egg Bags, £4.50 | 3. Personalised Bunny in a Box, £20

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