Sunday, 29 November 2015

Kids Christmas Present Ideas 2015 - Mini Micro Scooter Accessories

My son Ivo loves his mini micro-scooter. He wanted one almost as soon as he could walk, and we finally caved last Christmas - a few months before his second birthday. They're not cheap, but it's proved to be his most enduring toy, and until I ran over it this weekend, pretty hardwearing. Even that's proven to be something of a blessing, because it meant I stumbled upon the Micro Scooter Accessories website.

All I needed was a new front wheel, and I discovered a treasure trove! With Christmas coming, it's a brilliant one-stop-shop for everything scooter-related. Buy name plates, stickers, tassels, flowers, whizzers, colourful handle-grips, bells, torches - basically anything you can imagine to pimp your scooter. Take a look!

If you haven't bought a mini micro-scooter for your little one yet - I really recommend the Create Your Own function. It's only £20 more, and it means you'll never get scooter-confusion in the playground.

Ivo will be getting a bell and torch for his scooter, and I'll be buying Arthur a honker for the second-hand one I just bought for him on Dubizzle {the equivalent of eBay in Dubai}. Great stocking presents!

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